Get Your Skin Talking!!!

Shantella Age Reverse Cream +SPF 50

This is specially formulated anti-aging treatment that totally hydrates and gives your skin an even skin tone.

This miracle product contains some special ingredients that plums the skin and evens out wrinkles and frown-lines.

Shantella Age Reverse cream + SPF50 has been designed to give your skin a youthful radiant glow.

Shantella Brighter Radiance

This skin lightening treatment has been formulated to help you achieve a brighter skin tone that is luxuriously radiant.

Shantella Brighter Radiance will remove dark spots; discoloration and uneven skin tone; leaving you with a lighter beautiful skin. It contains SPF 60.


Shantella Radiant Glow

This lovely product has been designed to help you achieve a caramel skin tone. This treatment is suitable for you if you desire a silky glow for your dark skin tone.

Shantella Radiant Glow is also suitable for the gentlemen, as well as recommended for younger skin